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We are EcoMotion

We work to accommodate innovation in the Israeli transport industry.

EcoMotion is an innovative global brand for smart transportation. We work to promote enterprises in the industry and engage in leading the implementation of innovation in the public sphere in Israel. EcoMotion was established in 2012 by the Smart Mobility Initiative of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Economy, and the Israel Innovation Institute. The community currently comprises 13,000 members, of which more than 640 are startup companies.

Our Vision

To enable quick, safe, comfortable, and sustainable mobility for all residents, while establishing Israel as a global leader in the industry.

Our Mission

We have embarked on a transport technological revolution, but there is still a long road ahead for it to become an integral part of everyone’s lives.

For all its technological, behavioral, and economic facets, smart transportation has the capacity to completely transform mobility in the city; yet the reality among the country’s the local authorities does not reflect the profound potential and possibilities for its implementation. To date, the innovations occur in limited circles, and most of us, as residents, have not enjoyed nor reaped the benefits of Israeli creativity and inventiveness.

We believe that innovation is the driving force to create the desired change.

As a non-profit entity, our mission is to expand the Israeli high tech circles of influence into the Israeli public arena. Using and exploiting the tremendous potential in innovation and progress that currently benefit many cities in the world, can serve as a significant catalyst to enhance the quality of life for residents of the State of Israel.

You have the power to act and we’re here with you – Let’s create change together.

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