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Udi Cottan

Open Innovation Consultant



BASF is the world’s leading chemical company and the global leader in materials to the Automotive industry. BASF has the most extensive product portfolio in the automotive industry, from battery materials to engineering plastics, from coatings and interior to fuel additives. BASF seeks technologies and solutions that cater global automotive trends: Lightweight materials; Emissions Reduction; Heat Management; E-Mobility; Passenger Experience; Fuel Efficiency as well as Digitalization solutions that support these trends.

BASF VC is BASF's corporate venture capital. WRL is the exclusive representative in Israel of BASF and BASF VC. BASF is one of the most active global players in Israel in E-Mobility.


Sion Power, EnerG2, Applied Nano Surfaces (ABS), NBD Nano

Investment Scope

All Stages
Electrification & Energy
Connected & Autonomous
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