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Amiti Ventures


Shimrit Samuel



Amiti Ventures

Amiti invests in early stage Israeli companies founded by teams with deep technology capabilities that can create new multi billion dollar markets. We love teams with strong fabless semiconductor or hardware expertise that can bring game changing innovation, but are very open-minded. As long as the team is the best team for the mission and has the capability to create a disruptive and differentiated technology, we will evaluate software as well as hardware/software opportunities. We need to be convinced about whether the market is big enough and the timing is right. Once we invest, we work hard with our portfolio companies to be a window into opportunities in China and in the United States.


Innoviz, Valens, Vayyar, AutoTalks, Amimon, CorePhotonics

Investment Scope

(Pre-seed to Round A)
Drones & Aviation
Electrification & Energy
Supply Chain
Connected & Autonomous
Mobility Services
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